"We are the escapees from the film of our own life."

Fred Naud believes that our path is, above all, the amalgamation of all our choices. In his own life, his path is a testimony to his curiosity, his desire to learn and his creativity. After studies in science and technology, followed by a sojourn in Polynesia, his passion for creation and the arts took over. Words like create, convey and invent act as fuel, pushing him to advance his craft and find materials for his works. It is an obsession, a basic need to bring to life the ideas that bubble and burn inside his mind.

"A tour of France, like a pilgrimage toward knowledge and in-depth material expertise."

For the first few years, it was the materials that guided his emotions and creativity. Naud’s most inspiring moments have always been encounters that involved an artisan, a medium, an art form, a particular skill or a rare expertise that’s at risk of losing value in society’s eyes. Ironwork, cabinet making, pottery, glass engraving, stained glass, oil painting and many other disciplines formed the basis of his education as he encountered the masters who embodied them. Today Naud combines all his knowledge and injects them into the heart of his creations, transforming raw materials into intuitive works of art.

"One lifetime is not long enough for all my ideas."

The possibilities are limited only by the hand and its dexterity. Creative energy is infinite, whereas time is limited. The difference between the successful creation of a piece and its failure is daily practice. He constantly improves his craftsmanship and researches techniques and tools, inventing and making them himself when necessary. Whatever it takes to get the desired result.

The feeling of increased technical mastery pushes him to go further, to lose himself in the art and to become pure emotion. The pleasure of seeing a piece come to life as the hours and days go by. The joy of seeing an object in the real world that once existed only in the imagination. To see it, touch it and discover the satisfaction it brings others who appreciate it and take it home, like a seed that’s planted and brings forth new life.

I envision something and then make it. That’s the story of my life.


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