Natural or manufactured? Good or bad?

Humanity is so self-absorbed. We sometimes forget that we belong to the living world. Ever since Eve ate the apple, we have distanced ourselves from the world to become a separate entity — partly primeval and natural, and partly artificial and self-made.

And yet, like termites or polyps, we are all living beings more or less capable of complex organic processes. A glass bottle, a truck, a nuclear power plant, a termite mound or a coral reef... Are they not all just the result of some biological process?

The human brain, along with all its capacities, is perhaps the ultimate evolution of a natural process that started billions of years ago with cyanobacteria, the progenitors of our oxygen-rich atmosphere. From oxygen came nature, giving us the ability to do everything we’ve ever done and will ever do.

Hence, everything humankind makes can only be natural.

We are not just surrounded by nature. We are nature.

I like to remind people of this with my creations. And I can think of no more powerful way of communicating this message than to use carbon, the most basic and omnipresent element found in so many compounds and in all living things.

Carbon: the universal link between what was, what is and what will be.

This project features carbon in its numerous forms – aerospace materials, charcoal, steel – playing off one another to enhance their qualities in an otherworldly setting, the result of habitats created by humankind’s footprint on the planet.

Mineral yet organic, the raw nature of the design suggests a new world while giving the impression of having always existed in this form. The function and utility of the object take nothing away from the natural aspect of this creation made by human hands, the human mind and the interaction of the two.

After another million years of evolution, long after we’re gone, what will spring forth from our ashes? This is my project: Carbon Rock.