Planet Earth and its lifeforms did not wait for humans to die out and to be reborn.

While we are just beginning to realize our insignificance on the scale of space and time, our extinction already appears possible – even probable. The damage that we have inflicted upon our environment becomes apparent only when the impact seems irreversible. Carbon balance, carbon footprint, CO2 emissions… It all seems to come down to carbon as the measure of human activities and our own annihilation. But beyond our blinding egocentrism in this dark vision of carbon and of our impact on Earth, could not this element be a source of life?

The Carbon Rock project.

Carbon Rock is mineralization in the form of a rock, the human ecological concept of “carbon emissions”. We evaluate our impact on the world around us by continuously measuring our carbon emissions. Like accountants, we itemize how many kilograms of carbon are emitted for each action that constitutes the life of a human being, leading to our own demise. This material, amassed over millennia, becomes the habitat and the body of tomorrow’s species.

With the presentation of neo-organisms via the Carbon Rock project, these tons of carbon take on visible, concrete forms. The raw materials of a creative process, these masses of carbon are embodied as surrealist — sometimes even functional — sculptures.