Frédéric Naud

French Contemporary Sculptor

Human engineering is just a natural organic process.

Carbon Rock Wall Life

Story telling

In this new world, microorganisms create interconnections on the rocky layers of our remains. From the simplest to the most complex, each gets its nutrients from the bacteria and fungi that degrade carbon.
All it takes is a ray of sunshine, and a whole universe emerges from its dark depths to coexist on its surface. This fragment of wall is a hymn to life, an explosion of interactions in a harmony that only nature is capable of composing.

This piece was produced in partnership with Omega Systèmes, a Web Industries company, and ICAM Nantes as part of COLÉOPTÈRE, a project that aims to upcycle final waste materials from the European aeronautics industry through artistic creation.

Technique :

Mixed techniques using recycled aeronautical carbon, silicones and semiprecious metals

Size :

  • Height: 31.5 inches / 80 cm
  • Length: 74.8 inches / 190 cm